2021 Kriton Hatzios Symposium

Special attraction of the 2021 virtual SS-ASPB meeting:

The major theme of the Kriton Hatzios symposium at the 2021 virtual SS-ASPB meeting is “Evolution of Signaling Mechanisms in Plants”. We will have four internationally renowned speakers whose research centers on molecular, biochemical, developmental and biotic interaction aspects of plant signaling. We are going to have stimulating seminars delivered by four speakers: Dr. Jennifer Nemhauser from the University of Washington (synthetic biology, genomics and signaling dynamics in plants); Dr. Alan Jones from the University of North Carolina (cell-to-cell signaling using heterotrimeric G protein complex); Dr. Simon Gilroy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (plant signaling and development in response to abiotic stresses) and, Dr. Pradeep Kachroo from the University of Kentucky (plant signaling pathways induced during host-pathogen interactions). Please see the detailed speaker bios.